CNN Plus: The New Streaming Service That’s About to Hit Town

CNN will soon enter the race for launching another streaming service, similar to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus. The channel is expected to premiere its new network programming at the end of March 2022, possibly in the spring season of this year. This streaming channel is anticipated to have brand-new streaming content while highlighting pieces that portray top journalistic methods for audiences to learn about new stories taking place all across the globe.

What’s All the Excitement for CNN Plus?

CNN is debuting a new addition to its content library with a new streaming platform that will supplement the cable giant rather than be a stand-alone service. In many ways, CNN Plus is quite similar to ESPN, where users can access top sporting content via the regular ESPN app, that’s used by everyone. The aim behind this new service is to provide people an opportunity to a unique CNN experience via different content forms such as feature shows, journalistic films, live content, and much more.

What Media Content Should Audiences Expect from CNN Plus?

CNN Plus is expected to feature three kinds of content, which are quite popular among audiences these days: live streaming, on-demand content, and interactive programming. This may include some of the incoming live shows, such as “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?”, “Big Picture with Sara Sidner”, or “The Source with Kasie Hunt”. Meanwhile, audiences will also get to watch their familiar favorites such as Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, or Christiane Amanpour. Moreover, audiences will get to experience linear media feeds, that are currently available on the main channel, CNN Go.

What are the Expected Monthly Charges of CNN Plus?

It is only a matter of days for the launch of the streaming service, CNN Plus in the U.S. According to the CNN Press Room official blog, the new service is expected to open with subscription costs of only $2.99/month. These promotional charges will be available for the next four weeks after its launch. The good news is that early subscribers will be allowed to keep these promo rates for a lifetime and are not expected to suffer from any kind of price hikes in the years ahead.

In comparison, the subscription costs for ESPN Plus went up twice last year in the year 2021. Hence, though it is quite unlikely that CNN Plus will follow the same route if subscribers do terminate their subscription with CNN Plus, they will not get the same rates again.

After that, CNN Plus will be charged at $5.99/month and at $59.99/year, which is considerably higher. One more thing to note is that CNN Plus is expected to bundle up with other streaming options such as HBO Max as both falls under the umbrella of WarnerMedia. Although, no price has been confirmed for the bundle but is anticipated to be under $20, given the current costs of HBO Max and CNN.

Which Platforms Will Broadcast CNN Plus?

So far, CNN has no plans of introducing another mobile app to run CNN+ or TVE and will only have one app running the media streams. This will not allow users to easily navigate between the cable giant and its sister station but ensure that the new channel is within reach of their target audience. As no news has been floating regarding the new platforms, CNN GO will continue to be the user’s guide. Moreover, CNN Plus should be compatible with Android and IOS devices, with Amazon Fire TV, with Apple TV, with Google TV, with Android TV, and should be able to run on the web browser as well. The new service is also expected to run on gaming consoles along with other smart TV operating systems.

Where is CNN Plus Expected to Launch?

Although the cable giant, CNN is a worldwide phenomenon but its sister initiative, CNN Plus will only be available in the U.S. in the initial stage of its programming schedule. Whether the streaming service will move across national boundaries or not, ultimately depends on the kind of reception and the expected success, it receives in the first few months.

Although the streaming service is anticipated to shake things up, the expectations are too much and too soon. Not to forget that such streaming apps require fast and reliable internet service, that’s why it’s important to contact your internet providers and get that connection fixed if it’s suffering from the occasional glitch.

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On a Final Note, Would You Go for CNN Plus?

Although network programming has silently moved into the domain of cable TV programming, expanding in the streaming business has been another race altogether. Because it involves creating original, never-seen-before content, media houses are nervous about its reception, especially since audiences have become fussy and over-critical over the kind of content they want to see now.

Since the success rate is quite varied, streaming services are performing a delicate balancing act, trying conventional tropes with a dash of the new and eclectic to give their audiences content that’s punchy, innovative, yet relatable. However, with CNN Plus, the news channel will have to ensure that it provides the kind of programming that its audiences are used to while building a whole new identity, especially during these times when competition is cut-throat.

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