Here’s why a Heat Resistant Tape is an indispensable part of the Tape Industry

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in market competition in the tape industry. Owing to this, ground-breaking thinking for development has gradually become one of the important parts of the enterprise strategy. The only way for the differentiation strategy of enterprises in the market is innovation where the homogenization phenomenon is particularly severe. It is true that the importance of innovation is obvious to enterprises but before innovation, enterprises also need to ensure the quality of products.
Heat Resistant Tape , also known as high-temperature resistant tape, which is ideal for use in high temperatures, is a new product that is developed with the development of the modern industry. While ordinary tapes are quite common, they fall off at high temperatures. This is where a Heat Resistant Tape comes in which is developed to meet the needs of the users.

A Heat Resistant Tape, the prime example of which is a heat-resistant Teflon tape, has high insulation, excellent electrical properties, low-temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance, strong adhesion, special adhesive treatment, and the best thing is that after tearing off, there is no residual glue that is left on the covered surface.
One can customize a polyimide high-temperature adhesive tape according to his/her customer’s voltage resistance requirements. This type of Heat Resistant Tape is based on a polyimide film, which is a special heat-resistant insulating material. It has high-temperature resistance and excellent insulation. They are ideal to be used in 260-degree Celsius environments for a long time. The width can be cut arbitrarily but the length of the product specification is 33m. It has amber series with light degrees and different depths.

Heat Resistant Tape finds wide applications in welding protection, high-temperature insulation binding, transformer coil, capacitor insulation material, PCB Plate Gold Finger high-temperature spraying shielding protection, binding, and mobile phone lithium battery manufacturing.

The Application Performance and Use of Glass Tape
Glass Tape finds wide applications in the fixation of local parts of ovens, interlayer insulation and bundling of transformers, especially microwave oven transformers, and high-frequency transformers, winding fixation of quartz tubes and ceramic heaters, bundling and fixation of metal strips, etc.

(1) The Performance of Glass Tape: The baser material of Glass Tape is a glass fiber composite PET film. Besides being resistant to scratches, abrasion, and strong load-bearing capacity, Glass Tape also has high tensile strength and quality.

Other notable features of Glass Tape include scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, extremely high tensile strength, strong load bearing capacity, strong adhesion, and special products that are resistant to ultraviolet, aging, high temperature, and flame retardant.

Thus, it can be said that Glass Tape has a wide range of applications including fixing, strapping, heavy carton sealing, coil end sealing, pipe and wire harness binding, pallet cargo winding and fixing, etc.

(2) Application Characteristics of Glass Tape: Glass Tape has different characteristics and can be used in different fields, especially industrial products. We can also divide Glass Tape into two types, each having its own unique characteristics, some heat preservation, some heat insulation, and some insulation which determines that they play different roles in different fields.

The first thing to note here is that glass fiber thermal insulation tape is a kind of Glass Tape that has good heat insulation, is corrosion resistant, and is also a good preserver of heat. They are either made of bulky glass fiber yarn or glass fiber roving, making them suitable for winding high-temperature pipe fittings, such as heating wires and cables.

Silicone Rubber Glass fiber protective insulation tape, which is nothing but a Glass Tape made of silicone rubber coated on the glass fiber blank tape can be used to wrap heating elements such as cables to provide heat preservation as well as heat insulation.

Fiberglass anti-radiation thermal insulation tape is a kind of Glass Tape that is made through a special process and compared to other tapes, these tapes are generally thicker. Besides the aforementioned two types of performance, it also has anti-corrosion and insulation effects.

Silicon Rubber Self-Adhesive Tape: The double-sided Glass Tape of this type has good adhesiveness. Such tapes have the characteristics of self-solidification, and self-adhesive, and can also form a water-tight insulation layer in design. This can prevent pollutants and oil from penetrating into the inner braid.

Key Takeaway:

Now, that you have gone through the various applications of both Heat Resistant Tape and Glass Tape, all you need to do is to perform a quick online search and look for trusted sellers who offer these tapes at affordable prices and take your business requirements to the next level.