How often to send your email reminders to sales force optimization

Email Marketing Frequency Best Practices 2022-1

That’s it, you’ve finally installed your first email catchers and your list is starting to grow. And the more it grows, the more you will be able to convert your prospects into customers.

But how often do you send your email reminders? That’s what you’re going to see today.

It all depends on the aggressiveness of your marketing as well as the number of products you are going to work with…

1: You only sell one product

In this case, you can afford to be as aggressive as possible.

Be aware that some contacts will only become customers after the 10th follow-up read! Worse still…

On one of the biggest products that I sold, it was sometimes necessary to wait 4 months for the contact to become a customer.

By manually scanning the email opening histories, I found that these customers:

● I opened one, two, or three emails at first, then nothing indicating that my sender had been spammed

● Then opening a time email, certainly due to the weekly time when we consult our spam

● And finally, a conversion following the last email opened which must have been in spam.

Morality: If you only sell one product, spam as much as you can.

PS: These tips are not valid in the case of a branding strategy.

2: You sell several products

This is where the notion of customer lifetime value comes into play.

Your prospect can enter one of your lists (one list per product) and in this case, if you want (and you want to) promote several products to the same prospects, you will have to moderate.

For this example, I’m going to use a prevalent one: Make money on the internet (MMO).

I’m a web autodidact, and if I could have entered one of these tunnels 10 years ago I certainly would have progressed much faster because when you enter one of these lists, these marketing gurus will try to sell you all these formations:

● Training Creation of a site under WordPress

● Training Earn money with affiliation

● Product creation training

● Email Training

● Youtube training

● SEO training

● Adwords training

● Etc…

Anyone who really wants to learn and become goodwill certainly buys several, but do you think you have a chance of selling them as much training as possible if your sender is reported in spam from the 5th day?

Of course not.

This is why if you have several products to sell, it is better for you to be calm, soft, and sympathetic about the frequency of your shipments.

If you promised 5 free training videos, limit yourself to this one + a reminder when you publish a new article related to this product.

So you do not attack your contacts and above all, it gives you the opportunity to shoot an additional promotional email every week or month to another of your products.

3: You don’t sell anything (and that’s a shame)

This is the case for the vast majority of websites that build newsletter databases and shoot news from their site once a week.

Notice it’s better than nothing, these publishers certainly increase their turnover by 20% at least once a week.

Two philosophies are possible this being:

● Shoot aggressively on a daily basis (hello Pinterest, Facebook, and google+)

● Shoot weekly top content

My point of view is that even if the giants are aggressive and after 1 month they end up in spam it is that it is more profitable to be aggressive, especially the first few days, this is how you can get more engagement and get your registrants used to your brand name.