How to Become a Class 2 Lorry Driver?

How To Become A Class 2 Lorry Driver

Jobs for HGV drivers are now in high demand and are definitely worth applying for because they come with a host of compelling advantages, such as fantastic salary, the freedom to work on the road, and the chance to “become your boss.”

What is Class 2 Lorry Training? 

You can drive a category C vehicle with a Class 2 lorry driver’s licence. A stiff body conveyance is another word for a category C vehicle. You can drive stiff vehicles weighing more than 3500 kg and tow a trailer considering up to 750 kg if you have a Category C licence.

Licence Requirements for class 2 Lorry

To take the Class 2 licence CPC test you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a manual car (Cat B) licence. If you hold an EU licence, you can complete a D9 Form and obtain a UK licence with C1 provisional entitlement. You will require this before following the procedure.
  • Be able to read a unique style number plate from 20 metres away (using reflectors, if required) 

Before taking your practical test, you pass your theory test and LGV medical examination. You can complete your theory test and LGV medical if you choose a programme in your training school.

Steps to get the licence


You are required by law to get a medical exam to obtain a provisional Category C Licence. Before you can begin your journey into your new career, you must complete this stage. If you already have a C + E provisional licence, you can skip this stage.


You must pass your theory test before you get behind the wheel because otherwise, you will not get training from the instructors. 


It’s time to start driving; you can schedule your instruction session. You can get some great instructors to help you prepare for your important exam.


Finally, the big day has here! It’s time to finish the process and ace your practical test. Our teachers will assist you throughout your training programme to ensure that you are prepared and ready for your final exam.


  • An Class 2 HGV  Licence is the key to opening up numerous employment possibilities, and those who hold this licence earn better earnings.
  • The Cat C / Class 2 lorry Licence certificate allows you to operate vehicles, including rigid trucks and bin lorries.
  • If your ultimate goal is to obtain the HGV C+E licence, you may also enrol in training for this licence.

How long does the HGV Class 2 take?

You’ll be shocked to learn that the training is for five days. Although, it could take up to six weeks to get a licence. It entirely depends on your commitment to learning the class 2 lorry licence requirements and training material. Because it’s so brief, you can squeeze it in without difficulty for the rest of your life.

What distinguishes Class 1 from Class 2 HGVs?

What differentiates a Class 1 driver from a Class 2 driver? Category C+E vehicles, like articulated lorries, can be driven by class 1 drivers. However, Class 2 drivers are allowed to drive rigid-body Category C vehicles. These contain trash-collecting trucks and conflagration trucks.

What is the cost of a Class 2 licence in the UK?

The theoretical package costs £110. Your first 4-hour driving lesson is £376, which also covers your 3A (off-road) test. Your two-day training will cost you £1,459, including the cost of the 3b (on-road) test.

How much do Class 2 HGV drivers make in the UK?

For HGV Class 2 Driver positions, the average pay is £25,000. Continue reading to learn the average salaries for HGV Class 2 Driver positions in different UK regions and sectors. 1411 open positions pay more than the average HGV Class 2 Driver income.

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