How to measure laptop screen size?

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Best Laptops come in various screen sizes and deciding which one to buy totally depends on the user. Having different fields of work may also identify which laptop screen size would suit you the most. Seemingly, the laptop screen is rather easier to measure. There is no rocket and science about it, regardless of the design of your laptop.measure laptop screen size

In today’s guide, we have made sure to put together the most essential steps on how you can easily measure screen. Plus, there is additional information regarding which screen is the best for you and why you should select a particular size.

Before we continue to precisely talk about how and when you should do it, you must know that it will also be helpful for your travel bag. To save major headaches and future troubles, it is great to already know the size of your laptop. Let us quickly get into how you are supposed to do it.

Option 1: Check the Laptop Guidebook

Every laptop comes a guidebook or copy stating each and every detail about it. This also contains of the specs and size measurements of the laptop. If you have no time and need to know your laptop’s screen size immediately, you can directly check the measurements detail in that copy book.

For your information, the specs of any laptop can also be found through the settings. You can just scroll through the laptop settings from Start menu or Control panel and check every measurement listed. If not, you know where to go.

Option 2: Make sure to get the Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is the most basic item to grab when you need to get the measurements of your laptop device. Typically, screens are measured in inches, but it depends on you whether you need it in centimeters. You can also measure in meters if you want to and more comfortable with the meter measurement.

Measure Screen Length

• Start from the length of the actual display. You can find a right point to start from where you will place your tape on.

• Placing your measuring tape on the bottom-left or bottom-right, start from the corner diagonally.

• Extend the tape to the other corner and parallel screen size.

• Stop right across the corner where you find the rounded or cornered edge.

• Here you have it, the screen length.

• Now is your choice to convert centimeters into inches or meters according to your preference.

Measure Height

The height of your laptop may be tricky, in means to what you understand. You might think that your laptop height counts when you stand it vertically, but it is not counted as the height. You just need to close your laptop screen fully and check the minimal height.

• Close the laptop

• From the top or bottom edge, place your measuring tape

• Bring it through the other corner edge of the laptop

• Now note it down.

• It shall be in very few inches which means it could be even half an inch.

Measure Width

The width of the laptop screen is measured horizontally that you can measure easily through the inch tape.

• On the front-left or top-right corner, place your measuring tape on the back of the display. As it is easier from the front because there are no ports that intrude in the way, the measurement comes accurate.

• Stretch the inch tape to another corner while horizontally moving the tape.

• If you have measured in inches, you can convert into centimeters or meters easily.

Option 3: Find the Screen Size at Google

If you don’t have inch tape, then there is a shortcut way to find the exact measurements of your laptop. And that is one and only Google. You just need to know the accurate model of your laptop and search it on the Google to get the measurements.

• Navigate to the search bar of Google.

• Prefer the brand original website

• Enter your laptop model details.

• Find the measurements in the specs.

Option 4: The Ruler Method

Using a ruler instead of an inch tape is a great alternative except the ruler should be long enough to measure the length. Instead of an inch tape, you can get a ruler that measures the length, height, and width of the laptop without any hesitation.

Just place the ruler alongside the laptop diagonally to measure the length. For measuring the height, use the tip of the ruler to measure the precise height of your laptop. For measuring width, it is as easy as it gets, and you can just directly place the keyboard horizontally without interruption.

Which Screen Size is the best for you?

It can sometimes be confusing that which screen size is the best for your requirement. Well, that clearly depends on your field and which type of activity you perform on your laptop. There are multiple screen sizes to go for when you go out to buy the right one.

13.3 – 14-inch: Great for multitasking experts and traveling workers

15 – 16-inch: Multimedia, programmers, and office employees

17 – 19-inch: Gaming, music producers and graphic designers, high-end professionals

How to Choose the Right Screen Size?

To choose the right screen size, you must be entirely familiar with the work and activities you are going to perform on your laptop. There may be chances that you could get a smaller screen and realise later that it should have been larger or vice versa.

If you are going for the small screen size, you must have in your mind that you are often travelling. Users who have more work moving from one place to another constantly will enjoy the small screen to its maximum. Moreover, if you are more into casual web surfing and documentation, the smaller screen size will preferably be adequate.

The large screen is better for gaming fanatics and people who are in multimedia fields, for example creative 3D designers and media producers. Graphic designers and programming individuals shall also take maximum advantage from the large display laptops.

With smaller screens, you are capable of getting excellent Resolutions with accurate frames per second. In addition, a reduced screen size consumes less power and as a result you can expect greater speeds. On the other end, the large screen is focused on wide viewing angles and an enhanced productivity. If you are not into ultra-portable laptops and fine with the big display, the large screen will suit you more.

Bottom Line

Laptop Screen size may differ from device to device but what matters the most is your experience. Its quite easy to measure your laptop’s screen typically. However, in any case, if you still find troubles in measuring, we have stated the best and convenient ways on how to do so. You can also check a massive variety of laptops with large display and small screen at the official Laptop Outlet store online in the UK.