Learn How to use SMS marketing to expand business.

Learn How to use SMS marketing to expand your business.

Promotion is essential for every business’s growth. Marketing is essential to promoting your brand or connecting with new customers. SMS is used for marketing and promotion. To expand your business, send consumers an SMS with a crucial message about promotional coupons, dealer offers, and delivery updates.

Text-based marketing is very popular these days. Two categories of text-based marketing exist. The first is WhatsApp marketing, and the second is SMS marketing. Both forms of marketing have advantages and disadvantages, but with SMS marketing, you can simply expand your company. You only need to understand how.

You may discover how to expand your business via SMS marketing in this post, along with its benefits and drawbacks.

We’ll start by looking at SMS.

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What is SMS Marketing?

Text message marketing is the ongoing practice of informing your customers about important information, such as corporate news, specials, or promotions, using SMS (short messaging service) text messages on their mobile devices. To further personalize the experience, you may deliver tailored SMS Blast to the customer or audience segments.

By employing this tactic, you may directly target clients on their phones and avoid extraneous marketing noise like social media adverts and email marketing campaigns.

Like email marketing, SMS marketing involves growing a business’ SMS subscriber base, sending promotional messages to subscribers, and monitoring the success of each SMS campaign in order to meet certain business objectives like generating more leads and sales.

For instance, let’s say you loved a watch on a watch website you were perusing online. The website’s owner may keep an eye out for client comments. Following your purchase, the Owner will provide you with information on the watch and any available discounts. You may communicate with the owner directly through SMS. The owner can get in touch with you by sending you offers, shipping status updates, and information on returns or exchanges.

A timely text message might inform you of an approaching key occasion, remind you of a discount you just received, or excite you about a deal at your favorite business.

Examples of SMS Marketing:

1. Welcome presents

Everyone expects to get a welcome email, but it could be lovely to also get a prompt SMS.

If you provide a discount or link as a reward for signing up, send it by SMS like Runway Rogue does. In the case that the SMS wasn’t enough to result in a sale, send out another email right away. In fact, sending an email with more details and images than an SMS can handle is typically an excellent idea.

2. Updates on order confirmation and delivery

SMS really shines with order confirmation and shipment updates.

Your customer won’t have to worry about checking their email to make sure the order was placed. It also prevents second-guessing in the event that the email takes some time to arrive. The bulk SMS character limit is a number that allows a user to add a certain amount of characters. 

It’s a great idea to follow up with SMS texts that provide tracking information.

3. Time-sensitive special deals

SMS is great if you want to make sure that your customer has every chance to participate in a particularly amazing campaign. The term should be given a bit more urgency for the best sales and advertising.

Benefits of SMS Marketing:

  1. SMS is an owned channel. When you advertise on Facebook or Instagram, you have no control over your consumer data. SMS marketing is a channel you own, so you have control over the messaging, content, and consumer data you employ.
  2. SMS is efficient. 60 percent of customers read SMS texts within five minutes. Instead of waiting all day for customers to read their emails, text marketing enables you to get in touch with them straight away.
  3. For SMS, the best open rates are available. Only 20% of those who get your emails will really read them, compared to 98% of people who receive text messages.
  4. More responses are sent by SMS. Need to engage someone in conversation? Consumers reply to 45% of SMS marketing messages. Because SMS marketing is more informal and conversational than other kinds of advertising, more people interact with it.


SMS marketing is becoming more and more popular every day. SMS marketing is frequently employed as a result of the service’s advantages over disadvantages. With the help of this service, you may contact and engage with potential consumers directly. SMS marketing allows for the sharing of coupon codes and purchase information. The demands of your business must be determined before selecting a service provider.

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