Planning to buy your house?

Happy Couple Buying New Home And Receiving House Keys Form Real Estate Agent.

One day, I will buy my first home!! For some, it is a childhood dream, and for some, it is the feeling that comes on the very first day of the job. What is your story? Are you also captivated by the deep, desperate desire to buy a home? Then, indeed, your nights are occupied by the dreams of a dream home. The journey to materialise your dream starts from searching for a home that can be tagged with the adjective ‘good’.

The diverse population of the modern UK has different perceptions about home. You are indeed among them. It is of no use to get lost in the maze of choices and waste time. It can make you the victim of almost obvious anticipation that says you may end with a lost focus and no clear conclusion. Time is money. Besides, you cannot wait for long and want to find a ‘home dream home’ as soon as possible.

Don’t delay it even if you have to apply for a mortgage or a small instalment loans for bad credit situation, if you have. 

Things to ponder upon while buying your first house

Several ways can help you find a good house in the UK. For instance –

  • You Want to Stay For Long or Will Reside After Retirement – Decide Now

First, set your goal for the property. Some buy a home to live in and spend their whole life there only, while some just want to buy a property they can return when they retire. Prioritising is very important in decisions related to property.

If the first one is your purpose, i.e., staying in the home your whole life, then it is better to find a property in the proximity of all facilities. Such properties are inclined to high prices. If the latter is your concern and you want to return after retirement, then out-of-the-city properties are also fine. These are less expensive and are easily manageable.

By the time you retire, the extension of the city will surely bring all or most facilities, even in the outer area. We all know how fast the world is growing. There are more humans and less space to live. Cities are sure to extend.

  • Trust the Estate Agents

Estate agents have a monster-like image that is greedy, tricky and whatnot. However, not always and not everyone is bad. Trust them and indulge in friendly conversations with them. Buying a property is a big decision that you may not be able to implement on your own.

While going to view a site, buy a coffee for them. However, never forget to express your concerns clearly and make them understand. Remember, just as you have many options, they, too, have many clients. You cannot keep an ‘I am the boss’ attitude. They invest time and effort to find a suitable property for you.

  • Prioritise and Express It Clearly To the Estate Agent

You cannot just sit in the car and start visiting the sites. Things have to be clear. For instance – are you looking for an under-construction property or need a ready-to-move home? However, there may be some changes in the plan if you get a good deal, but you should stay precise about your needs.

Keep everything in mind. The concern for family, compatibility of the property to daily routine (transportation, grocery, school bus, etc.), pollution level, water supply, everything.

  • Budget – Stay Focused and Never Ever Go Beyond the Limits

This is the most fragile part, and you must be VERY careful. While trying to find a suitable property, some options may make you go off track and consider increasing the budget. However, a little increase is never bad if the property is good and worth considering. However, it is not good to leave the concern of affordability behind.

The most significant possible loss of this is that the price of the property may require you to take a big home loan for which you may not qualify. It is demoralising to fail after a lengthy procedure; also, this leaves a search footprint on your credit records. The worst is a mark of rejection that is a threat to the financial future.

 Even if you can qualify for the loan, consider the instalments you must pay once the repayments start. There should be no suffocation of your monthly budget due to hefty repayments.

Nowadays, lenders have advanced loan calculators that can give almost perfect rate quotes and repayment plans. For instance – Loan Palace, Halifax, etc., have loan calculators that give ‘near to perfect’ loan quotes. Try them, see how much you qualify for, and then tailor the home search accordingly.

  • Take Your Own Pictures  

The glossy pictures and videos the agent gave do not show the other side of the coin. Take the pictures on your own and gather them all. It is necessary to save the visual proof of all the properties you visit. This gives great support in comparison to the properties.

In addition, you can see these pictures to revise the available options, as with time, some of the options can become blurred in your mind. In short, it is like a flashback of your efforts to find the property.

  • Get Into Real Conversation – Talk to the Residents near the Property

You never know which home will be your dream home, and the people living there can be your neighbours. Talk to them and ask them to tell the ground realities of the area, water supply, electricity supply, basic facilities, safety concerns, etc. This is, in fact, a more realistic approach than any other way out.

Do not let the home search make you feel like it is an endless process. Set the priorities and budget, stay calculative, search deep and trust your instincts. Do not forget the repayment part of the home loan. You are not taking short-term private lender loans to fight the temporary jobless days; it is much more than that. Never lose focus is another piece of advice that works like a miracle.

Don’t worry; if you have strong determination and invest the right amount of time, money and effort, your ‘home sweet home’ dream will surely succeed. ALL THE VERY BEST!!