Postcard Marketing for Businesses: Are they still relevant?

Although there’s a huge demand and impact of digital marketing in the present world, traditional marketing tools such as plastic postcards, business cards, gift cards, etc. still hold relevance. These tools have been effectively used for promoting and branding businesses over the years. Before digital media came along, various brands used postcard mailers and voucher cards to stand out in the market and attract potential customers. The tactile appeal and visual impact of such cards grabbed customer attention and encouraged them to shop from certain stores and brands nearby. The great versatility and durability of such plastic cards have made them an affordable means to promote one’s brand, even now.

Key features of plastic postcards

Marketing is one of the most vital aspects of any business that shouldn’t be neglected. A large portion of any company’s capital is assigned to marketing and promotional campaigns. Hence, it becomes necessary for marketers to make the most out of each marketing tool and strategy. An ideal marketing campaign should be a combination of both traditional and digital marketing tools. While digital marketing tools are highly effective, one cannot rely solely on digital media for promotions. They can be both expensive and not result yielding. Among the traditional marketing tools, plastic postcards are economical yet highly impacting. The top key features of plastic postcards include the following:

➔ Attractive & Interactive: Primarily, every successful marketing campaign or strategy must be interactive and attractive to the audience. Communicating your brand notion while leaving an impression is what marketing is all about. You can reflect your brand essence while making them highly captivating through glossy digital printed postcards by plastic card manufacturing units. People receiving these postcards are sure to pay attention and check out your business at least once.

➔ Durability: Unlike other virtual marketing flyers and cards, plastic postcards are sent or handed over to prospective customers physically. This increases the chances of cards getting damaged and lost frequently. Well, one doesn’t have to worry about this when it comes to plastic cards as they are highly durable and can withstand harsh handling conditions. The thickness and lamination of the cards ensure that their glossy shine and prints remain intact for the longest time.

➔ Versatility: Another great feature of plastic postcards is great versatility which implies that they can be used for multiple purposes at a single time. For instance, one can use these cards as gift cards, unique voucher cards, membership cards, etc. while sending them over to potential customers. On receiving, they not only get notified about your brand’s latest product launches or shop openings but also can benefit from them on their visit to your store.

➔ Customization: Customization is a great deal in the present market scenario. There’s no better way to grab customer attention than branding and promoting one’s business idea to the world. Unlike most customized marketing tools, plastic postcards are an economical way to release creative copies for people to read and connect with. Most plastic card manufacturing dealers offer great customization options in terms of card size, design, color, prints, and so much more.

➔ Cost-effective: As discussed above, marketing tools take up a large portion of any business capital. Hence, marketing experts should be mindful of all tools and strategies they opt for while measuring their efficacies. Plastic postcards are one such marketing tool that is highly cost-effective and can yield significant returns. Since these cards come with a personal touch, they are sure to grab customers’ attention and keep them hooked for a while. It is a way of direct communication wherein you can rest assured that your brand is reaching all targeted customers.

Should your business invest in postcard marketing?

Given the multiple features of plastic postcards that create a significant impact by strengthening your branding efforts, they are totally worth your money. These postcards are highly customizable and eye-catchy which attracts a larger group of audiences. They take up a minimum portion of the marketing budget and offer great efficacy. Also, these postcard marketing campaigns are traceable and marketers can keep a track of how well the campaign has worked in favor of the business. Above all, plastic postcards add significantly to store traffic, both online and offline.

These postcards are creatively designed to grab the receiver’s attention who is sure to check out your business in case they need relevant products or services. The high versatility of these plastic postcards further adds to their promotional effectiveness. Postcards can be used for vital announcements and to spread the word about ongoing offers and discounts in stores. In the digital era of cut-throat competition, it is essential for businesses to opt for unique ways to highlight themselves in the market. Despite being a traditional marketing tool, plastic postcards still hold relevance and elevate the existing marketing campaigns.