The best apps to learn sign language on Android


The best apps to learn sign language on Android

Learning a new language is always a rewarding experience, which is why we already offer a guide to the best apps that will help you flourish linguistically. Unfortunately, we tend to talk less about personalized signs language, which is also very important for communicating with people who are hard of hearing or mute.

Here is our selection of the best Android apps for learning sign language.


Elix is ​​an application of extreme sobriety. And for good reason: it is quite simply an LSF dictionary (French sign language). Just type a word in the input field to access its definition and a short video demonstration showing the right movements to make to express this term.

Alas, it’s been a very long time since Elix has been updated, but the service still works perfectly.


The SignEveil application is much less sober than Elix. Colorful, it aims to teach sign language to the general public, even if its design testifies to its desire to address itself above all to the youngest. It is a small anthropomorphic animal that guides you during navigation. The latter signs each word you consult.

Motion capture technology was used to make the avatar signs true to life. You can customize your companion and also choose to activate a visual effect that more conspicuously marks the trajectory of the hands. To make sure you don’t get tangled up, you can change the camera angle to see every gesture from every angle. Some fun games are also offered. Finally, it should be noted that SignEveil was supported by the general delegation for the French language and the languages ​​of France of the Ministry of Culture.


Using sign language to talk with a baby is a practice that has caught the attention of many parents. This method would in fact make it possible to promote, in the child, the assimilation of the principles of communication and to reduce the frustration that he may feel by giving him a means of expressing himself. This is the whole philosophy of the  Baby Sign application.

Videos show you how to sign the word you want to communicate to the baby. These contents are accompanied by a short textual explanation indicating, where applicable, the facial expression to adopt in order to convey the emotion. Baby Sign specifies each time the level of difficulty and also allows you to define your favorite terms to find them more easily. The basic version of the application is perfect for getting familiar with about twenty words. Then, you have to pay a small amount of money to access packs of words grouped by theme (food, clothes, family, etc.).

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