The top-tier shotguns of the Destiny 2 universe

The big hitters of the basilisk shotgun destiny 2 combat system, shotguns are a terrific addition to any Guardian’s arsenal. Although shotguns are frequently debated as being either grossly underestimated or absurdly overpowering, they are very necessary for both endgame content and traditional or competitive PvP. Here are the five best shotguns in Destiny 2 and where to find them if you’re seeking to step up your game.

Account of a Traveler

This solar shotgun is precision framed, so instead of scattering buckshot, it discharges a single round of bullets. In close quarters, this means you can do more damage to a single enemy. This sort of weapon could prove useful in player against player settings or when facing off against particularly formidable bosses.

This shotgun provides a wide selection of weapon perks to boost your effectiveness across a variety of situations and activities. In the Crucible, for instance, combining this weapon with Quick draw and Killing Wind makes for a devastating close-range attack.

Focusing an Umbra Ingram on the Prismatic Resister in front of the player’s spawn point in the HELM will randomly provide them access to this shotgun.

Walker Riis

Carrying the Riis walker, a Light Framed Kinetic Shotgun, allowing the user to traverse the environment at a quicker rate.

This weapon also has a large variety of randomized bonuses. While Swashbuckler and Demolitionist are better suited to PvE content, Hip Fire Grip and Iron Reach would improve your accuracy and range in The Crucible.

The Crucible: Iron Banner event is the only way to obtain this weapon.


The Fractethyst is the only known shotgun to use stasis as its elemental damage type, and its precision frame makes its recoil pattern more stable.

In a short amount of time, this weapon has risen to prominence thanks to its many desirable features. With the help of perks like Quick draw, Slide shot, and Opening Shot, you can get off a flurry of early-fight damage.

To obtain this weapon, either complete the Astral Alignment action in the Dreaming City and open the additional loot chest at the end of the activity, or obtain it via Umbra Ingram.

Season Pass subscribers are the only ones who can participate in the Star Align event.

The Lies of Felwinter

Felwinter’s Lie, a Solar Shotgun introduced in Destiny 1, is among the game’s most potent weapons.

Only one carefully selected roll, consisting of both Slides hot and Opening Shot, is included with this shotgun. Both lengthen the weapons’ effective range and produce a more concentrated scatter of pellets.

Get it from the Monument to Lost Lights in the tower’s Legacy Gear menu. You’ll need to do some serious infusion work.

Friend or ally

The Chaperone is an exotic single-shot shotgun best suited for player-versus-player (PvP) battles and is often considered to be the game’s deadliest weapon.

His unique exotic ability is a single shot that can kill anyone in the head. The Road born is an added bonus that increases handling and damage after each precise kill.

Acquiring this weapon requires finishing the “Blast from the Past” mission given by Shaw Han in the Commodore.