Classic Dining Room

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Classic Dining Room

The role of the dining area has evolved. It was once food preparation and eating, but it’s now a space for relaxation and socializing with guests. Although everyone Furniture Lounge Sunderland has their taste in food, your client’s preferences for the layout of their home could be as distinctive.

At Decor House, we understand how challenging it is to design an elegant dining room. With so many rooms, making one space unique isn’t accessible. We’re here to help you make furnishing the home of your client the most straightforward task. This is why we’re sharing our ideas to design the perfect classic dining area using furniture from our selection from Michael Weiss Furniture.

We have over 30 years of working with various brands in our showrooms. When curate them to ensure we have all the furniture styles you require with every design. We offer a broad range of furniture designed by Michael Weiss because we believe the furniture of this designer.

With its sleek design and meticulous care for detail, can give your space a new perspective. Weiss’s partnership with Vanguard has allowed the designer to explore different forms and design an entirely traditional and modern collection.

Every piece we feature today is an excellent representation of Weiss’s passion for quality and Vanguard’s commitment to the pursuit of innovation. Living room storage furniture UK

If you’ve been tasked with creating the perfect dining room, continue reading to learn four furniture pieces that will help you make your customer’s dream dining space.

The Bradford Dining Table will anchor the room. Bradford Dining Table

The dining area can be defined through the table. Therefore, the dining table you pick for the dining area of your client is crucial. It is masterfully designed to accommodate your family members comfortably and without feeling restricted.

The table’s rectangular shape reminds us of the traditional dining room image we imagine when we think about the happy times of gatherings for the family. Sunderland Furniture Centre

Its shape emphasizes the sleek appearance of the cabinetry and gives the room the exact and robust lines that characterize the classic dining room. The structure is set off with the pedestal’s base, giving the piece a distinctive look.

The client can dress the table to alter the room’s formality level based on the guests they serve. The stunning hardwood tabletop is coated in a rich, stately brown color.

Which means it will be able to contrast with dark cabinets and light chairs perfectly. This is truly an item that will bring an entire room together.

Seat your guests in style using the Phelps Stocked Dining Chair with Arms

Selecting dining chairs that can satisfy Furniture Warehouse Sunderland your customer’s needs isn’t easy. The chair we’ve chosen to spotlight this week is the Phelps Stocked Dining Chair with Arms. This chair is upholstered with light nuzzle linen to provide the ultimate comfort. Never one to overlook the more delicate things.

Michael Weiss’s keen eye for exquisite detail is evident in this piece, particularly in the easy-to-miss nailheads around the seat’s bottom.

The seat’s flat design encourages an upright posture, and the arms provide your customer the chance where they can rest their elbows while eating and talking.

The smooth nation latte back and outback gives the piece internal visual conflict, meaning that it becomes a conversation-starting work of art, sure to spark interesting discussions with your client’s guests about their style.

Although your client might think of a traditional dining area that includes hardwood chairs, the hue of the chair’s leather top is part of the same color family as the top on Bradford Dining Table.

Bradford Dining Table and its legs are the same color as the tables. The two pieces are a perfect match without adding the old wooden chairs in the room.

Meet the Phelps Stocked Dining Chair Without Arms

Why settle for one kind of chair? Although we believe that a table with Phelps Stocked Dining Chairs with arms would look amazing, we know that visual diversities can help the room reach its maximum potential.

With this Phelps Stocked Dining Chair without Arms and two chairs with arms, we think the client will be able to enjoy the dining experience over their expectations. Furniture shops in Sunderland

In traditional dining rooms, it’s typical to have a different kind of chair that sits at the top of the table. But, this style is becoming outdated over the last few years.

To create a similar feel, place the two Phelps Stocked Dining Chairs with arms at the opposite end of the table, and placing the chairs with arms along its length will provide your guests with a sense of and also balance the overall design of the space.

The chair has all the benefits of the chair previously mentioned. However, it does not have arms to facilitate mobility when placed at the table’s length.

Impress guests by dazzling them with Carmen Spoked Mirror

A mirror is the only thing that can be the perfect addition to a dining space, and the Carmen Spoked Mirror is a perfect example of Weiss’s versatility as a designer. Although it is part of a different collection.

The mirror perfectly matches the other items listed above. The silver-colored black of the frame contrasts the warm tones of the wood pieces. The circular frame differentiates it in the same way as the tables. More than just reflecting it.

It can be hung on the wall over the dining table, and when the mirror’s pane and the surrounding spikes reflect the light of the chosen lighting fixture. Your customer will be captivated by its glow. You can also hang it at the entrance to greet your client’s guests when they walk in. Sunderland Furniture Centre

We hope this guide can inspire you to design your customer’s dining space using Michael Weiss Furniture.

If you’re searching for an elegant furniture store with this designer’s largest selection of furniture. Then look at Decor House Furniture. Explore our collection of Michael Weiss Furniture today. We have our entire collection on our site, along with detailed product descriptions for each piece the designer has designed.