Top Unconventional Productivity Hacks That Are Worth the Shot!


Boosting efficiency at work can often be a difficult task. However, you will find that there are innumerable approaches available online, which are quite unusual and even downright wacky. But they can boost your spirits at work and improve productivity levels effectively. To keep yourself upbeat, try some of these productivity hacks listed below:

Hack #1 – Create a Special Playlist for Work

Creating a special playlist for work is a great way to boost your daily productivity levels. Several studies have shown that listening to the right kind of music has a beneficial effect on the listener. This is popularly known as the ‘Mozart Effect’. However, this doesn’t only apply to listening to music only. If you listen to any other audio files such as a podcast, an audiobook, or even a TED talk, that can tremendously help as well in bolstering your energy levels at work.

There are several music-based tools available online that you can use. For instance, the ‘Productive Category’ by 8Tracks or Spotify’s Radio Channels are a good place to start. If you are opting for the live stream option, just keep a check that your internet has a reliable bandwidth and a fast speed, to begin with. If that’s not the case, then you may have to contact your local internet provider to sort out this issue, if the usual method of restarting the modem isn’t making it work.

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Hack #2 – Begin Your To-do List with the Easiest Tasks First to Build a Momentum for the Day

Although some people may begin their day by delving straight into the hardest task, industry experts often suggest starting with the easiest ones first. This way you build a momentum and help with easing your work process. This will also eliminate the chances of you procrastinating during the day and will help you complete a major chunk of your to-do lists.

To see many little wins, may come as a real boost to your energy level, which may have shrunk by the time you reach mid-day. On the other hand, you can accomplish your one hard task at the start of a new workday and have a big win at your end. Whichever option you choose, both these methods are meant to boost productivity and ensure that you don’t procrastinate. Nonetheless, you don’t have to follow the same rule every day, you can switch up your working patterns and see which works best for you and when.

Hack #3 – Start Difficult Tasks with Chocolate

This productivity hack will brighten up anybody’s day. If you feel that the next task you are about to work on is difficult, don’t start it immediately. Start it by nibbling on some dark chocolate and then begin work. Research says that chocolate instantly improves a person’s blood flow to the brain but that’s just the science.

What it does is lift a person’s spirits, especially when you have many reservations and apprehensions related to the hard task at hand. What’s more is that this is a great piece of advice for all those people, who are always looking for an excuse to have some chocolate! Besides the fun part, what chocolate does is ease your nerves so that you can accomplish what you are probably dreading doing. Once the difficult task is done and emailed, it will be easier to move on to other client briefs that may be simpler to handle and manage.

Hack #4 – Take a Cartoon Break or a Nap

A cartoon break is often a great stress-reliever, especially if you have been bogged down with work for hours. Watching funny toons or your favorite series from your childhood, may bring warmth to your heart as it transports you to a safe place in your childhood, where you were once taken care of and had all your needs met.

Additionally, these cartoon series of your childhood will rejuvenate and refresh the soul, like no other energy drink or caffeine can, bringing you back to work with a new spirit. On the other hand, napping for an hour is also a good idea, if you are not in the mood to take a cartoon break. If you are working remotely, then this can easily be adjusted in your daily schedule. Taking out a few minutes for a nap will not just freshen you up, but will improve your concentration span at work.

Hack #5 – Cut-Out Perfectionism or Minimalize if You Can

One factor that often adversely affects levels of productivity at work, is trying to be perfect. If you have the perfectionism bug in you, it is time to curb that now! Not only does trying to fix all details of a task or a project stress you, but sometimes it is okay to give up some of that persistent control. Have some self-compassion and do yourself a favor: do not always be a perfectionist, because with or without it, you will still prosper!

Wrapping Up

While some of these above-mentioned ideas may not be as wacky or unconventional as initially claimed, we hope that this list helps and makes your day a little better. After all, productivity depends from person to person and doesn’t need to be a part of an outrageous list. They just need to work for you so that you can achieve a large amount of work within no time.

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