Trending T-Shirt Trends: The Heavyweight T-Shirt

To our good fortune, we are continuously on the hunt for fresh ideas for our bespoke T-shirt line. We always keep our ears open and jump at the chance to have a conversation with some of our favorite garment makers to find out what rising t-shirt trends they anticipate for the following year. This year, the one major topic discussed by the vast majority of them was heavyweight t-shirts. what to wear to a wake

The following explains what heavyweight t-shirts are, their benefits, and why it could be worthwhile to experiment with using them for your next batch of t-shirts.

What Constitutes a T-Shirt as Being of a Heavyweight?

A t-shirt weighting around 6 ounces is considered part of the heavy t-shirt category. For example, the Gildan G180 weighs 13.76 Ounces per square yard. A typical t-shirt (such as the Next Level 3600 or the Canvas 3001) weights between 3.7 and 4.3 ounces. This means that wearing a hefty t-shirt is comparable to a shirt and a half.

The additional weight of a heavyweight t-shirt is often achieved by simply sewing together several layers of thicker cotton into a single garment.

Why Would You Want to Wear a T-Shirt That Is Slightly Heavier?

You may be under the impression that heavier always equates to rougher or less soft, but that’s not always the case. The correct heavy T-shirt will still have a very soft feel to it, and it will be able to do certain things for you that a lighter T-shirt won’t be able to do.

A more tailored and tailored fit. Because the fabric used to make these shirts is noticeably thicker, the garment’s cut is likewise much more robust and structured. Heavyweight t-shirts have sharper lines and a more structured overall fit while not appearing boxy, in contrast to soft and durable shirts such as polyester/cotton blends or tri-blends, which tend to look wavy and flimsy around the edges. This is because heavyweight Gildan G180 t-shirts have a higher thread count.

Each and everything comes down to your own personal choice since neither is inherently superior to the other. On the other hand, if this seems to be the actual appearance you’re trying for, then you should look into purchasing a hefty t-shirt.

Excellent for piling on. Heavyweight t-shirts have a more substantial construction, which gives them more versatility and makes them an excellent choice for layering. Because of their greater mass, they will inevitably have a greater degree of thermal retention. Because of this, the heavy tee may be worn more comfortably throughout the fall, winter, and even the beginning of spring. Wear it on its own or with a jacket, depending on your preference.

Lasts extra extremely long. Because heavier t-shirts are constructed with fabric that is thicker than that used for ordinary t-shirts, they will likely maintain their shape for a more extended period of time before being torn or developing holes.

Here’s a selection of personalized heavyweight t-shirts we strongly suggest:

● Canvas 3091, Heavyweight Crew Neck T-Shirt For Men

The Bella+Canvas 3001 is the standard weight, while the Canvas 3091 is the heavyweight equal to that. This t-shirt is made out of one hundred percent cotton and has a retail cut, in addition to looking fantastic overall. This is the t-shirt to start with if you’ve been seeking a decent heavy-duty one to work on.

● Adult T-Shirt with Comfort Colors 1717 Graphic Design

You may think of this one as the one and only original heavyweight t-shirt. The phrase “Comfort Colors” was more common among members of fraternities and sororities. But recently it has started appearing in other contexts as well.

● Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt, Gildan G180

The Gildan G180 is the heaviest shirt in the batch, yet it retains all of its softness despite being the newest addition to Gildan’s heavy blend range of products. Following the drying process, the shirt undergoes a wash with natural enzymes. This gives it the appearance and a casual feel.

● Canvas 3010, Heavyweight Street Tee for Men

The Canvas 3010 features a cut that is exclusive to itself alone. This hefty tee, which is modelled by contemporary streetwear, has a relaxed fit and dropped shoulders. While giving it the appearance of being more contemporary and on-trend. This t-shirt is one that you should consider taking a chance on. Especially, if you want to get the appearance of current streetwear even though it is daring.

You should give one of these heavy wholesale t-shirts a try. If you want to maintain your competitive edge in the garment industry. By printing your next design on a thicker t-shirt, you will not only provide your customers with something fresh. But you will also stay ahead of the curve regarding the most recent trends in t-shirt printing.