Why are Cell Phones Refurbished? Here Are a Few Reasons You Must Know

There is a lot of information on the web that explains the benefit of buying an apple refurbished iPhones UK as they function like new. But there is very little information about why a phone is subjected to refurbishment. Buyers for refurbished phones are often confused about purchasing these products as they have lttle knowledge. The following section discusses some of the common reasons a cell phone is refurbished.

What is the meaning of ‘refurbished’?

Refurbished means that the item was purchased and then returned for some reason. Returned products are examined and fixed. But as per regulations they can never be sold as new. The majority of the cell phones that buyers return have nothing wrong in terms of functionality. Manyh times the customers simply change their minds about the purchase and decide to return the item. So most refurbished smartphones uk are mostly brand new as they have hardly been used.

All damages are addressed before reselling

When a customer returns a phone because of malfunctioning, the technicians in the refurbishment department tear it down. It is done to conduct a complete diagnostic analysis to identify the problem. The damaged components are replaced instead of repairing. Various common external problems result in refurbishment. For example, external wear and tear is a very common reason. If the internals of a device is in perfect condition the outer housing is replaced with a brand-new one. Another external part that requirement from wear is the charging port. It is another simple fix that just requires the replacement spare.

Phones with water damage

The issue that seems to worry most consumers is when a refurbished phone has water damage. Often the phone gets exposed to water whether the phone was dropped in a pool or simply caught some drops of rain. If the water makes its way to the damaged sticker located in the housing the sticker turns red. Excess amount of moisture affects multiple components inside an apple refurbished iPhones UK. But phones returned with water damage are just like all other returned phones.

Customers however often see the red sticker and assume that they have been taken advantage. But the reality is that the refurb phone functions are just as new. Instances where the internals of the water-damaged phone is highly affected but the external housing is fine. In this case, the internals is placed with brand-new parts. But the external housing remained the same. The water damage sticker will still indicate red.

Batteries on a refurbished phone

Batteries also have a water damage sticker which is highly sensitive. If a customer purchasing refurbished items receives a battery with a red water sticker they must check the battery before purchasing. Most of the time batteries are purchased in large overstock lots comprising several batteries in a container. These sit on a shelf in a warehouse for an extended period. If the battery gets exposed to a high amount of humidity the sticker is likely to get activated and indicate water damage. But the battery is completely alright. Such types of batteries are often wiped down after taking out of the container to remove dust accumulated from the warehouse.

Any phone that has been truly refurbished will function just as new. Retailers selling refurbished phones offer some kind of warranty on the device. When shopping for a refurbished phone one needs to make sure to purchase from a retailer that has efficient confidence in the refurbishment of the phone to work for customer satisfaction. It makes certain that the buyer is getting a fully functional iPhone. For more information and guidance on buying apple refurbished iPhones UK visit 247mobileshop.co.uk.